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Akash R. Shukla was born on July 13th, 1986. He started singing at the age of two. As he grew up, Akash enjoyed singing, writing and photography- his three main hobbies. When he entered High School at Rutgers Preparatory School, Akash joined the Cross Country and Wrestling team as a Varsity member on both teams. Akash also joined his school newspaper, The Argo, his sophomore year. He progressed from staff writer his sophomore year to editorials editor by his senior year. The last two years of high school were very tough for Akash. He was very bothered by his short stature- he was only 4 ft11 inch. He felt that people didn't take him seriously at such a short height.
He found out from Dr. Oberfield, an endocrinologist, that at age 16, he had reached his final, adult height. He was heartbroken that he was destined to be short for the rest of his life. His junior year, Akash came to know of a surgical procedure that could alter his height and make him taller. This painful, expensive procedure was called Limb Lengthening surgery. Rather than being disheartened by the severity of the procedure, Akash and his family looked into it with an open mind. After careful consideration, Akash deferred his admission to Drexel University so that he could take a year off and undergo the procedure.
After the surgery was complete, Akash attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to study Mechanical Engineering.
After his Sophomore year, Akash transferred to NJIT in Newark NJ to study Industrial Engineering. At NJIT, he writes for the the newspaper and gives tours of the campus to prospective students. The 2.5 inches has made a tremendous difference in his confidence.

Rahul Shukla is well known as a successful Industrialist in New Jersey and a noted Gujarati writer.
He was born in Wadhwan India. In college he edited the students journal, led the college debating team, published short plays and fiction, won the "Best Student of the Year" award, and ranked first in Gujarat University in final year of mechanical engineering. Later a collection of his short stories- "Tran Jindgi Ne Sallam" was published to rave reviews.
He came to the USA in 1971, received his MS in Industrial Engineering- and while studying towards his PhD, ran out of money- and was forced to take a temporary job at S. S. White Technologies in Piscataway NJ.
S.S. White was a legendary manufacturing company- founded in 1844 by the pioneer dentist Dr. Samuel Stockton White.
Rahul worked his way up from QA inspector to Director of Research. Then in 1988, when the parent corporation put the Company up for sale, Shukla had the vision and the courage to raise the necessary capital and purchase the company.
Today, Rahul Shukla is President/CEO of S.S. White Technologies, S.S. White Medical Products and S.S. White-INDIA. The companies make aircraft and automotive parts and orthopedic surgical tools. S.S. White companies employ 200 people in the USA and about 100 in India.
A computer techie, photographer, motivational speaker, and a movie buff, Shukla is also a born storyteller.
Rahul married Meena Rawal in 1976. "She is a go-getter and a problem solver. She is my not-so-secret weapon" he says with pride. They live in Warren NJ. Their 22 year old son Akash- a third year Industrial Engineering Student at New Jersey Institute of Technology, shares his Dad's interests in photography, music and engineering.

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